'Eternal Flame'


Artist:                      Ales Valner

Edition:                   Unique

Measurements:     W 410mm D 410mm

Price:                       £135.00


'Kaleido Bowl'


Artist:                      Aline Johnson

Edition:                   Handmade piece

Measurements:     H 80mm W 205mm D 205mm

Price:                       £395.00


'Mono Deco Bowl'


Artist:                      George Ponzini

Edition:                   Handmade sculptural piece exclusive to A Heart of Glass in the UK

Measurements:     H 215mm W 350mm D 350mm

Price:                       £450.00

Ordering:                Please call 07799 733538




'Moonlanding Bowl'


Artist:                      Monica Backstrom

Edition:                   Rare handmade piece, retired from production in 2003

Measurements:     H 160mm W 170mm D 155mm

Price:                       £695.00




'Open Lattice Bowl'


Artist:                      Bob Crooks

Edition:                   Handmade piece

Measurements:     H 85mm W 320mm D 320mm

Price:                       £285.00


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