'Eternal Flame'


Artist: Ales Valner

Edition: Unique

Measurements: W 410mm D 410mm



A handblown glass platter with vibrant yellow and red detailing

Created and signed by Czech artist Ales Valner


Price: £135.00

'Kaleido Bowl'


Artist: Aline Johnson

Edition: Handmade piece

Measurements: H 80mm W 205mm D 205mm



A contemporary kiln formed glass bowl in dramatic reds and greys.

Created and signed by Aline Johnson


Price: £325.00

'Moonlanding Bowl'


Artist: Monica Backstrom

Edition: Rare handmade piece, retired from production in 2003

Measurements: H 160mm W 170mm D 155mm



A dramatic overlay glass bowl finished with glistening metallic texture, inspired by rock on the surface of the Moon.

Created and signed by Swedish artist Monica Backstrom


Price: £695.00

'Open Lattice Bowl'


Artist: Bob Crooks

Edition: Handmade piece

Measurements: H 85mm W 320mm D 320mm



This beautiful encalmo technique bowl is handblown and finished with a vibrant green band.

Created and signed by British artist Bob Crooks


Price: £285.00

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